«Using Chemical Biology to identify new targets for Medicinal Chemistry»

This one-day symposium co-organised by the Swiss Chemical Society, Division Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology, and the Biological & Medicinal Chemistry Sector of the Royal Society of Chemistry, is dedicated to “Using Chemical Biology to identify new targets for Medicinal Chemistry”.

The topic of this second Anglo-Swiss symposium has been selected by our members among several proposals aiming at reinforcing the links between chemical biology, medicinal and agro chemistry, while being of importance in drug discovery and optimization programs.

Illustrating the role of chemical biology in the identification and validation of novel targets for medicinal chemistry will be of high interest to students in chemistry, pharmacy, biology, and to the medicinal chemistry and chemical biology community at large. The target audience is therefore composed of scientists from pharmaceutical and biotech industries, as well as colleagues from academia.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Prof. Yimon Aye (EPFL Lausanne, CH)
  • Dr. Mark Frigerio (Abzena, Cambridge UK)
  • Dr. Jonas V. Schaefer (Novartis, Basel CH)
  • Prof. Maja Köhn (University of Freiburg, D)
  • Prof. Daniel Romo (Baylor University, Texas USA)
  • Dr. Filip Roudnicky (F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Basel CH)
  • Prof. Stephan Sieber (TU Munich, D)
  • Prof. Kristian Strømgaard (University of Copenhagen, DK)

A poster session will take place in front of the auditorium during lunch and coffee breaks, with a best poster prize awarded at the end of the symposium. The deadline for poster submission is January 13, 2020. (Poster size A0 portrait)

A limited number of travel grants will be awarded by DMCCB and BMCS. Details for application can be found on the respective home pages.

About the DMCCB

The DMCCB fosters interactions and information exchange between scientists interested in medicinal chemistry, chemical biology and related fields of research. It provides opportunities for continuous education by organizing symposia, seminars, presentations and courses. Many of these previous events have enjoyed generous financial support from the Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical industry, such as the previous mini-symposia on “Novel Chemical Space and Tools for Chemical Biology, Medicinal and Agrochemistry” in May 2018, “Kinetics and Thermodynamics in Drug Discovery” in May 2014, or on “Macrocycles in Drug Discovery and Agrochemicals” in May 2016.
The DMCCB board includes scientists of all major Swiss pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies as well as representatives from Swiss Universities

About the BMCS

BMCS aims to further the interests of all members of the Royal Society of Chemistry, both industrial and academic, involved in the pursuit and understanding of biologically active molecules. Predominant areas include pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, flavours and fragrances. The BMCS is active in various areas: the public promotion of the crucial role played by chemistry in the modern industrial environment, organisation of scientific meetings and symposia, support for educational activities in the UK.